Nurse Call System

Nurse call systems have now become one of the most imperative needs of all the hospitals for communication between patients and nurses as well as doctors and nurses.

For over 20 years, Intercall systems have been providing professional solutions to help nursing homes and hospitals manage patient care on a 24‐hour day‐to‐day basis. Every Intercall system and product is the result of our in‐depth association with literally thousands of locations – learning first‐hand what care managers and estate managers expect from nursecall systems.

It is that in‐depth experience and cooperation that has made Intercall the leading name when it comes to providing security.

Public Address System

Public address system (PA system) is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to address a large public, for example for announcements of movements at large and noisy air and rail terminals.

The term is also used for systems which may additionally have a mixing console, and amplifiers and loudspeakers suitable for music as well as speech, used to reinforce a sound source, such as recorded music or a person giving a speech or distributing the sound throughout a venue or building

Passive Solutions

Passive Business Solutions provide state of the art solution for structured cabling. It comprises of copper, fiber including termination and testing.

Active Solutions

Active Business Solutions focus on the small and large enterprise Markets by providing following Networking and Communication solutions including:

  • Data Center Solutions
  • Network Monitoring Solutions
  • Switching Solutions
  • Routing Solutions
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Wireless Communication Solutions
  • Servers and Storage Solutions
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